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Intentionality and Our Health

This past week, I had time to reflect. It definitely helped that I was surrounded by some of nature's most breathtaking beauty! The theme that kept popping up in my head was intentionality.

We make the conscious, or subconscious, decision each and every day to either live intentionally or by default. To either let life happen to us or design it. While I have many examples of this both personally and professionally, I want to focus today on our health.

From the time we arise in the morning, we begin making decisions that impact our health, either positively or negatively. Many of these decisions have become habit over the years and most we never think twice about. Some of the questions we answer each day are:

* Are we intentional about how much sleep we allow our bodies to get or do we simply go to bed when we are caught up on our TV shows?

* Do we start the day with a healthy mindset, beginning with meditation, prayer, or simply time alone to think about the day ahead? Or do we hit the snooze button until we have no choice but to start the day rushed and stressed?

* Do we choose healthy and nourishing food as our breakfast or do we grab the quickest food as we rush out the door?

* Do we keep a bottle of water with us during the day to ensure we stay hydrated, or do we avoid it so we don't have to take time out to use the restroom?

* Do we support our bodies, backs and joints as we sit at our desks, ensuring our posture and positioning are healthy for an 8-hour day, or do we sit slouched in our chair?

* Do we plan ahead for healthy snack and lunch options, or do we rush out to lunch to grab the fastest, least intentional food we can find?

* Do we give ourselves time in our day to go for a quick walk or stretch, or do we pack in as much work as we can, largely neglecting our bodies?

* Do we plan our dinners for the week or do we leave work too exhausted to cook a nourishing meal and instead grab another fast option on the way home?

* Do we end the day with reflection and setting tomorrow's intentions, or do we instead choose to scroll through social media as a distraction?

Don't get me wrong. I don't always choose the best answers to these questions either. However, first acknowledging that we are presented with them every day helps us take a more intentional approach to answering them.

Our bodies are extremely resilient, but they too have a tipping point. A little TLC goes a long way and the most effective way to treat our bodies well is to be intentional from the time we face another day to the time we lay down to rest in gratitude.

What will be your intention tomorrow?

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