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A Filmmaker and His Mom - Walking the Healthcare System Home

I was recently invited to watch the documentary Bleed Out, Directed by Stephen Burrows. After a routine partial hip replacement operation left his mother in a coma with permanent brain damage, what starts as a son’s video diary became a citizen’s investigation into the future of American health care. Shot over the course of ten years, using archival footage, vérité scenes, undercover spy cams, courtroom testimony and interviews with family and experts, the award-winning, critically acclaimed BLEED OUT goes deep inside a flawed healthcare system. Part medical mystery and legal thriller, part investigative journey and meditation on family, this harrowing personal story is a cautionary tale that reveals medical error is the third leading cause of death in America.

With the help of pharmacist and advocacy leader, Soojin Jun, we were able to bring Steve's story to the Minding Wellness podcast with the purpose of spreading his message of hardship and hope for change.

My personal call to action for all the listeners is to first watch the documentary and second do just one thing to move this message forward (e.g. share this podcast, share the documentary, take action within your healthcare community, etc).

Watch the Bleed Out documentary on:

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