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Message to Providers

Female doctor in color

Having worked as a clinical pharmacist for 12 years alongside physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare professionals, I have an intimate understanding of the workload demands within the realm of direct patient care. These demands leave little time for care coordination, education, and ancillary services, which are often needed and requested by patients and their families.


I have transitioned into the role of patient advocate after personally experiencing these limitations during my father’s oncology journey. My goal is to make your job easier by meeting those demands and helping to further educate the patient about his/her disease as well as help with the coordination of care.


As stated in my disclaimer to my clients, I want to be clear to you as well that I will not take part in the following:


*   providing medical advice or medical services

*   making healthcare choices for clients

*   diagnosing ailments

*   ordering treatments

*   replacing providers or specialists in any way

Let's work together to put the "care" back in healthcare!

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