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Here's what I'm up to right now!

Books and Coffee


I wrote my first book! It is now with the second round of editors. Here's what the first editor said:

"It's refreshing to see a book that encourages understanding the meaning behind identities influenced by illness and health, becoming an active partner with a team in wellness, and breaking down binaries in healthcare. With a strong, reassuring voice, and your personal and professional insights, you have a powerful ability to connect with readers."

Stay tuned here for updates! As of 2/7/24, the book is in cover design and final pre-launch planning.

Virtual Patient Empowerment Summit

I have been wanting to gather some of the brightest minds and compassionate hearts in the healthcare field for a while - and I've finally done it! This online summit was offered at NO COST and was hosted on 2/4/24 from 10am-2:30pm ET. Don't worry if you missed it! The free recordings can be found below.

Gray, Black, and Dark Blue Minimalist Online Summit Facebook Event Cover (2).png
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