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Disclaimer: Peace Advocacy Group L.L.C. cannot make healthcare choices for you or your family, diagnose ailments, order treatments, or replace your physician in any way. Peace Advocacy Group L.L.C. is intended as a complement to your healthcare services team, not a replacement.

The services provided by Peace Advocacy Group L.L.C are currently not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or any other insurance plans. Payment for agreed upon services will be billed and provided as detailed in the Client Services Contract. 

Services provided by Peace Advocacy Group L.L.C do not include medical, financial, legal advice or recommendations. Peace Advocacy Group L.L.C does not provide medical diagnosis or any form of medical treatment. All clients must continue under the care and supervision of their licensed healthcare providers. 

In addition, initiating communication via this website or by any other method (written, phone, email, voice message, text, etc) does not constitute a client relationship with Peace Advocacy Group L.L.C. A signed Client Services Contract must be in place for said relationship to be initiated and prior to providing any and all services.  Furthermore, Peace Advocacy Group L.L.C cannot insure confidentiality of all information communicated through this website by either a Site Visitor or Peace Advocacy Group L.L.C. Please do not send any confidential information via this website.

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