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Every Step of the Way

Do you ever picture members of an organization getting together for a meeting and brainstorming tag lines? I may be alone in this, but I think about this often.

Take Publix, for example. I grew up with Publix being my supermarket and while I knew their tag line was "Where shopping is a pleasure," I never thought twice about it until we moved and didn't have a Publix nearby. One of the first things I said in our new supermarket was, "Wow, it really WAS a pleasure to shop at Publix." I reflected on the simple layout of the store, the ease in finding what I needed, and the friendly customer service staff-all of which contributed to it being a pleasurable experience.

When I created Peace Advocacy Group, the immediate tag line that came to my mind was "With you every step of the way." And while that sounded good in theory back then, now that I have quite a few clients on which I can reflect, I feel even more solid in my choice of tag line. Regardless of where my clients begin, I absolutely am with them every step of the way. Sometimes, that has meant me visiting every day in the hospital to ensure nothing was missed and no errors occurred. Other times, that has meant me shopping for shoes for a client at rehab who otherwise only had socks to wear to physical therapy. And beyond that, it has meant coordinating a move from a second floor apartment to a first floor apartment due to new physical limitations.

There are a lot of steps along the way. It's my honor to be with my clients for all of them.

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