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Patient, Empower Thyself! 

Now available for preorder!

Official launch date: World Cancer Day 2.24.25

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I wrote my first book! Here is what early readers had to say:

"Embark on a transformative journey with 'Patient, Empower Thyself!' Claudia challenges the conventional fight-against narrative, offering a refreshing perspective that invites readers to view their bodies and medical teams as allies in the pursuit of well-being. This book is a compassionate guide, emphasizing the crucial role of connection and providing practical strategies alongside a mindset shift. It empowers individuals to find harmony and beauty in their healing journey, making it a must-read for those seeking a profound shift from adversity to alliance."

Alona Pulde, MD & Dr. Matthew Lederman, MD

NY Times Bestselling Authors and Co-Founders of WeHeal and webe kälm 

"Claudia Cometa uses her credibility and perspective to paint a nuanced picture of modern healthcare interactions. She taps into her pharmacy background, her time spent as a caregiver for her father, and her practice as an Independent Patient Advocate, to offer solutions that build trust, build confidence, and improve communication.

This book candidly reinforces that perceptions and mindset can have huge impacts on our health. The author’s incorporation of patient stories makes way for a non-threatening discussion about confirmation bias and the need to recognize its impact on healthcare outcomes."


L. Bradley Schwartz

President of Greater National Advocates 

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