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Serving Individuals

This isn't a professional photo. It's not curated or staged.

It's real life. It's me standing beside my father. Gowned up. Ready to ask the hard questions. And ultimately provide him peace knowing he's not alone.

A picture says a thousand words. This one speaks volumes.

Medical Record Review

Knowing where you've been on your medical journey is vital to me helping you get to where you want to go. We will start with a review of your medical records, identifying gaps and red flags along the way.

Medication Review

It's no secret we live in a highly medicated society. As a pharmacist by background, I do a comprehensive review of my clients' current medications. Together, we identify what is working and what is not. Then we bring that information to the medical team.


Once we know where we've been and we identify where we are going, I help my clients navigate the difficult waters of the medical system to achieve their goals and ultimately find peace in the process.

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