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Collaboration with Private Wealth Management of NC

Welcome, clients of PWM of NC! Toney Falkner and his team, along with myself (Claudia), are thrilled to announce a new service being provided to you at no charge.

Toney understands that our health is our greatest wealth. He has witnessed some of the health challenges many of you have faced. In his quest to elevate the level of services he provides, you will now have access to complimentary Discovery Calls with Peace Advocacy Group. 

These calls are structured 30 minute sessions to allow me to learn more about your healthcare concerns and provide you with tangible and practical steps on how to move forward to get clarity and answers.

To schedule a call, use the button below and enter code PWMofNC.


A little bit about me...

I am Claudia Cometa, Founder of Peace Advocacy Group. I worked as a clinical pharmacist for over a decade and a half, then faced my father's lymphoma diagnosis and treatment. The experience of seeing the medical system from the other side and being his patient advocate changed my career course forever. 

I now help individuals find the answers, clarity, and ultimately peace they need and deserve.

I would be honored to help you as well!

A good time to schedule a Discovery Call would be when:

* You are facing a new diagnosis and want an advocate's opinion on next steps to take

* You are taking a multitude of medications and want an advocate's opinion on options to reduce the pill burden

* You are struggling to communicate effectively with your healthcare providers

* You are in the hospital or a nursing facility and want oversight on your care

* You are looking for personalized advocacy and support to optimize your healthcare experience and outcomes

In the meantime, Toney's team and I will also be working on ways to provide you with informative and engaging masterclasses on the healthcare topics you find most useful and relevant. Look for more information on that soon!

I look forward to connecting.

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