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The Road Less Traveled

Taking the road less traveled. Robert Frost was definitely onto something with this thought.

You see, our culture is accustomed to and largely supports traveling for various goods and services, including full-bred puppies, antique or unusual cars, and occasionally unique restaurant experiences.

When it comes to our healthcare, however, we often tirelessly search in a relatively small radius around the area in which we live. We try one physician, get frustrated, then hop to the next, all the while not realizing that the best fit for us may not be located in our area at all.

Our grandparents, and even our parents to a certain degree, did not live in an era with as many options as we currently have. Traveling long distances wasn't always possible, comfortable, or financially feasible. The resources we have now, however, support expanding our boundaries. Whether it's finding a provider that will do virtual visits, or one that we simply drive or fly to, our options are truly limitless. Now, of course, insurance coverage as well as financial and time investments are all real potential obstacles. However, you may be surprised at what you find is doable.

When my son was 12 months old, my husband and I researched the best allergists in the country. At that time, our search led us to National Jewish in Denver. They had a week-long program for food allergies and eczema and much to our surprise, our insurance covered a large majority of the cost. We now take him to Mt. Sinai in New York and again, our insurance helps with that as well. Both have been life-changing experiences for us and well worth the time and monetary investment.

My point? Physicians, just like any other specialist in any field, differ greatly in their experience, skill set, and knowledge base. Where some have weaknesses, others have strengths. Where some work in an academic setting and are on top of the latest advancements, others work in private practice and may not be aware of the newest treatment modalities or bodies of literature. It's not always a right or wrong option, but rather a process of finding the right fit of knowledge, access to resources and innovations, and compassion.

So, I encourage you to do your research as I do for so many of my clients to find the medical team that will support you in your goals. And just like that pure bred puppy or antique car, it may require you to expand your geographical boundaries a bit.

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