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What We Notice Shifts Our Reality

I recently visited New York City and became acutely aware of how the shift in my perceptions was coloring my reality.

In previous years, I simply took in the sights as a seasonal tourist would. My reality included a city bursting with countless restaurants, endless entertainment options, and gorgeous brownstone homes, to name a few.

As I spend more time helping my clients on their journey to true wellness, I find myself noticing moments that would have otherwise passed me by, and likely pass many others by as well. While walking through Times Square, a construction worker caught my eye. He didn't notice me, but I observed a young male, likely 30 years of age, wipe his nose with a concerned look on his face. As he raised and lowered his oversized glove, he looked down at a small pool of blood on its surface. Surrounded by bricks, dust, and fencing, he raised his glove a second time to his nose and again noticed blood. I thought about him as I continued walking. Is this a common nosebleed or something more concerning? Is he the breadwinner in his family and feeling concerned, yet unable to take the time off to be evaluated by a physician? Are the rigors and environmental stressors related to his job taking their toll on his health?

In the hustle and bustle of a large city, are we all too busy seeking fun, entertainment, and success to notice real people, living real lives, experiencing real illness? What if we all began to observe the details in more color? Our society may begin to look much different than it does.

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