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Client Love Letter

Dear One,

I hear you. I hear your frustrations arising from the confusion and lack of communication from your medical team. I hear your anger over a situation that you wish you had more control over. I hear your heart breaking as your wishes to simply be heard are falling on deaf ears.

I see you. I see the tears welling up in your eyes and your internal struggle with trying to be strong while feeling weak. I see the desperation to find answers. I see your soul trying to reconnect with you while your mind is filled with anxiety.

I feel you. I feel the pain because I've been there. I feel the lump in your throat that feels as big as a golf ball. I feel your heartbeat shifting between anxious palpitations and exhausted rest. I feel your sweaty palms when the doctors come in the room as you wait to hear their assessment.

Beloved, the healthcare system is broken. Those who dedicated their lives to helping people just like you are no longer able to do their job. Their hearts have not changed and they wish you no harm. In fact, they lose sleep at night when the system tells them they can't help you. They are overworked for the business that owns them, the business that has created a machine fueled on monetary gains.

Dearest soul, you are loved. You are heard. You are seen. We can get through this together. Because as Ram Dass once said, in the end, we are all just walking each other home.

With love and light,


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