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The Problem with Multiples

While some health care organizations work as a group and information remains internal, many individuals find themselves in a much different scenario in which they have a variety of physicians and possibly multiple pharmacies that do not share one singular medical chart. This situation places you, the patient, at a high risk of errors. Ensuring safe and effective medical care requires accurate and effective communication. This important piece is often missing when multiple providers and/or multiple pharmacies are involved. Changes in treatment that are ordered by one physician may not be communicated to the other providers on your medical team. While good intent may be there, there simply may not be an effective system in place to ensure your entire team of physicians and pharmacies are aware of your current treatment plan. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a system in place to keep your records organized and up to date. I provide all of my clients with a binder to organize their medical information and I highly encourage you to do something similar. This binder, or other form of information containment, should accompany you to all physician appointments and visits to the pharmacy. Being proactive with your medical care can be the difference between preventing an error and becoming a victim to an error. Watch my video below to learn more!

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